Archetypal Psychology

More Thoughts from the Front Porch

I’ve always been a life-long learner, off on some tangent, seeking knowledge. Whether it be Geometry, Philosophy, Ancient Cultures or Psychology, I seek out bits and pieces in fits and starts; I’ve been on this quest for almost twenty-five years now. It began in my early twenties, and continues to this day. This quest is […]


Lost in Helium Spheres | Part Two

“Pathologizing psyche is not wrong…and to realize deeply that it is not wrong, but rather necessary, is healing”  James Hillman IN DAYS SPENT I found myself cascading off mountains, plummeting down towards anger, uplifting my eyes to guilt, surrendering to helpless stagnation.Looking into the eyes of maniacal loss. A sweeping denial; dulled vision. Possible continuation […]