The Coves Trail

back to the coves

off on a dog walk the air was crisp, the sky blue,and the sun appeared Bit of a break from the unposted posts and a nice long walk at The Coves beckoned after the last few snowy gray days. This area is called the coves as it was once a branch of the Thames River, cut […]


What I Saw On A Walk At The Old Orchard

Wandering around down at the old apple orchard again yesterday with the shnoggin’ doggin’, we had a jolly ol’time, as we hadn’t been in a while. It’s the only place in the city I feel comfortable taking her, I’m not much of a dog park sort, and really neither is she. Certainly she’s mellowed over […]


The Golden Feathers

Down to The Coves with Irish last week, experimenting with the colour isolation feature on my camera. Weeping Willows at this time of year turn this beautiful golden hue as the leaves come in, against the grey of the rest of the trees around, and I’ve always thought they were rather lovely this time of […]