Would Jane Play Hockey?

“I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.” ― Jane Austen, Persuasion Mom, I don’t envy your granddaughters, growing up amongst this interconnected, opinionated, expectant, perfect seeking, exposed and socialized society. Media professing save the earth, woman’s rights, and wrongs. The door … Continue reading Would Jane Play Hockey?

A Witness To The Introvert In Full Sail

Me again. I do believe you are the proud Mother of a work spectacle. Yes, indeed. The side-ways glances, the smiles, the awkward silences. And I’m not imagining it. I was of course worried this morn about the aftermath of Monday, after my melt down. I had left early in a crying, bawling mess, and had come like millimeters away from quitting my job. So … Continue reading A Witness To The Introvert In Full Sail

Confessions Of A Caregiver

When I first met Tim his life was about drugs, music, late nights and alcohol – and it was that life that ultimately killed him. I’d always been attracted to the music scene, and still love the energy of live music. Thus it was that I became entangled in the life he led. Yet, in time I realized that Tim’s life was not out front, but rather out … Continue reading Confessions Of A Caregiver

Single, Celibate and Satisfied?

This concept is something I’ve been wrestling with this week – being single and/or celibate, and what exactly does that entail? On the surface I suppose it’s rather straightforward, yet, am I thinking in terms of just abstinence for a bit? Or all out CELIBATE? Or, am I just choosing to be single, and celibacy plays no part? These thoughts were sparked via a video … Continue reading Single, Celibate and Satisfied?