Fiddle-dee-dee & Snowflakes

Good grief, make it stop. Today I fear will be just as the R of T&R forecasted … we are in for a wallop of snow. It’s Grey County in all its glory.

Snow Storm
The view out my window this morning

T&R are the earth angels who live down the street. They are my lifesaving chauffeur into the bright & booming village to buy my supplies. They have truly been wonderful since Tim passed. So many up here have abandoned me to the wilds of the Lake, but T&R have been true and faithful friends. R has been like a Mother, or Big Sister to me. Pouncing on me about how I’m eating. They care, and I am so thankful that they do.

Went into the LCBO (Liqueur Control Board of Ontario) for the first time since Tim’s death. Let me just say, we were regulars and the staff knew our likes and dislikes and basically probably more than LCBO employees should really know. One of the primary reasons I have lost the weight I have is due to this aversion to libation over the last four months. Last night excluded, I am not a solo drinker by nature.

As I explained to one of our LCBO pals who was working the cash yesterday, “from my experience, these situations have their advantages – since I wasn’t going to feel like eating I might as well lose some weight too”. She had commented on how much I’d lost, with the concern in her eyes (like everyone). Now I just have to maintain.

I am petite and extra weight makes my heel-spurs flare up. So I think I’m probably where I should be – just needed 20lbs off. Eating right and Bloggercizing is doing its job. So no worries, I like food and make it a regular habit to indulge once and awhile. It’s the nature of the ingredients I consume now that I must continue to monitor. Dark Leafy Greens is my big stumbling block, so I went out and bought some almond slivers for a garnish.

Back during my separation with my ex-husband that was my Mom’s advice “just because it’s just a salad, doesn’t mean you can’t garnish it however you like”.  I’m more concerned really with the quality of what I eat, not the calories as much or the fat. Good fat is something your body can work off, but in moderation. Everything in moderation.

Ingram Micro Building
Ingram Micro – Canadian Head Office – taken on my way to work across this lovely field of clover. This walk had been preceded by an hour-long bus ride to this location beside the 401. Believe me, there is no actual “heart” to be found in what Mississauga calls THE HEARTLAND. It’s all warehouses upon warehouse and big box stores and ugly rows of condo’s.

During my separation back in 2000 I lost around 30lbs, and kept it off for almost six years. Until rotten Ingram Micro and their catered luncheon events. I swear, what is it with sales people and food? They’re like vultures. Appropriately we really had Vultures that circled the building. They really went round and round during Government year-end (January – March) and Vulture mating season coincided. Big HP deals went out the door in those three months.

So I polished off all 6 of my Guinness Extra Stout bottles last evening … gleefully doing the 12oz curl and even managed to publish a not so bad post in the wee hours of this morning. Well, that won’t be happening again for some time, but I had a fun time. It was nice to let loose abit and look through those big city girl photos I have. Country bumpkin that I am, I am enamored with Toronto, the BIG SMOKE…but GAG couldn’t live there. Mississauga was close enough.

Electronics in Hat Box
All my electronics get packed in my hat boxes. They were both part of gift baskets from Ingram. Ingram Micro is a IT disti. Which means they warehouse for such online stores as Future Shop and Best Buy, TigerDirect etc.

London Ontario, thankfully, is 1/3 the size of Toronto and god help me, I refuse to work in that sort of sales environment again. So the agenda today will involve gazing out window at the fricken snow and packing.

Oh, and praying my dear sister gets her act back on track and maybe cleans out the attic {pretty please, so she can shove me and some of my stuff in there}. That probably sounds odd that I want to be in anyone’s attic, but ours really is where the old servants quarters where. Now don’t think this is some old mansion, it’s just a middle-class Farm House. It was common around the turn of the century for even mid-middle-class households to have 1 or even 2 servants. This attic though is now just dry wall and storage space, the room dividers themselves were taken down decades ago. Our Great Great Uncle Joseph (bachelor his whole life) made money on real-estate, so when his parents got older he moved them, and his sister and himself into this house we own today. They had farmed in a little place called Banner, Ontario one county over for decades.

Living in the attic would give me lots of juicy material for this blog, eh? Lady of the Cellar turns Lady of the Attic? Could serialize it.

And holy smokes is this a rambling post. Someone had to take an Advil this morning because her little heady hurt. I just felt the need to sing T&R’s praises, and to acknowledge that yesterday was a good day. People care about me, real people, not just my BBF’s online. Feels sometimes like so many have just forgotten about little ol’Paula here stranded & grieving on her lonesome, at this beautiful lake. Well, enough of that, butt getting in gear…Vvaarroooom.

Fluffy F'n White Stuff
Canadians love affair with snow dwindles at around this time of year. Which is when old man winter decides to throw one more wallop of the fluffy white stuff at us. If he really thinks we deserve it, he’ll throw another one at us the end of March.

7 thoughts on “Fiddle-dee-dee & Snowflakes

  1. Toe massages, huh? I’m going to enter your name as a possible for my next life in case I come back as a dog. When I make enough money for a vacation, my plan is to go spend some time in Alberta. For some reason, it has sparked my imagination.


    1. Never been to Alberta. Beautiful place. I’ve always wanted to go out and spend a week or more on Cape Breton, NS.

      I know, what dog gets toe massages? Before bed too…or anytime really


    1. yeah…you are going to give me nightmares in there now. LOL…My trusty canine will keep them away, unless they massage her toes than all bets are off. AND keep me warm.


    1. Hardy stock dear Melanie up here in the GREAT WHITE NORTH. I will admit that it was a good thing I started that post earlier, cause the ol’head was sorta nodded out when I hit PUBLISH. But this morning, I don’t think it reads that bad. I’ll have to take an un-medicated look later perhaps. ;-)


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