Personal Essay

Worn Velvet and Butterfly Farts

You ever get that feeling that you’re insignificant? Some days I’m the master of my domain, and god help anyone who gets in my way. Other days? Well, other days, not so much. Amidst the normalcy that encompassed my upbringing, I managed to gain a certain sense of self-importance. Go figure. It’s all about this […]


Fiddle-dee-dee & Snowflakes

Good grief, make it stop. Today I fear will be just as the R of T&R forecasted … we are in for a wallop of snow. It’s Grey County in all its glory. T&R are the earth angels who live down the street. They are my lifesaving chauffeur into the bright & booming village to […]


The Lady of the Cellar | Conclusion

In that tired myth of vision and circumspect we strive to create our Noble Lie; In the blanket of time we are its prisoners. This was a time of long, billowy sheer curtains, orange rag walls, and a trio of pianos. It was a time of wine, symphony’s and lying on matching floral pattern love-seats […]