Down to the coves

Thank You For The Experience, Dude, Cheerio

Well, apparently, from what I read and experienced of late it is my wide open door nature and my faith in humanity that causes some of my difficulties. I guess I need to say NO more. Although, I’ve also come a long way since Tim. Don’t know if you read that post of mine from yesterday Mom yet, but been processing some cold truths. Taking … Continue reading Thank You For The Experience, Dude, Cheerio


Dog Biscuits

I forgot to buy dog treats, and when she came up to me last night and waggled her fluffy blond head I just instinctively went to the cupboard, reached in, and there was nothing. Let’s just say she was not very happy with me. Once I had completely and totally convinced her I had nothing, oh my word, the LOOK! Head down, sitting glumly in … Continue reading Dog Biscuits

Tim in the woods

Life After, And How To Recognize A Psychopath

This morning I woke up real early, and couldn’t sleep. Lots going on lately, in my personal life, and I had some questions about some stuff. I’m trying to break habits, recognize patterns. So I guess it began with a search for the definition of Narcissism, and it just snowballed. That’s how I came across this article, and read the following: People with this disorder … Continue reading Life After, And How To Recognize A Psychopath

An Epicurean Way

To Sue, he is ‘Uncle Dick. To her daughter he’s D3. To me, he is Crossroad.Man. I don’t even know what to think. You know, I’ve been writing this post for a week now. And every day something changed. Kept going back, re-editing, changing my approach, dancing, dancing. Around. As the script changed. Lets not get into the details, really. Certainly the details are significant. … Continue reading An Epicurean Way

mirror and fred

To Be Fey And Shui

In response to The Weekly Photo Challenge | Mirror It’s a trend in gardening to create ‘fairy houses’, ‘fairy places’, and in general creating a sort of Tolkienesque shire-like space. Whilst playing with Feng Shui principals regarding directing energy within a space, and so I have begun to add mirrors to my garden. Beginning with these that Crossroad.Man gave me. A garden can create places … Continue reading To Be Fey And Shui