last summer with rose

beyond my stoop,
this January day
and i hide away
with horns
some guitar
a piano
as snow falls
and melts away
to Bach’s variations
a Verdi, Dvorak
an etude
enchants me
an ave

and i am
back at the Grotto
i lost myself
and found my soul
as my heart beats
the wind in my hair
and the vistas
a symphony
of a wildflower orchestra
i swayed
on that August day
and the world outside melts away


7 thoughts on “last summer with rose

  1. I had to read this twice just to make sure I didn’t miss something and at the end I was just taken aback . The way it starts and end it gives me the feeling of a stream and how it flows but never stops flowing . When I began to read I had the impression that there was a lot that happened before and lot that happened after . Its as if the poem kept on flowing after the end . I love it .

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    1. Oh, wise one….you are most perceptive. You know, I didn’t realize I had put those thing in…some poems just come out of me, and I try to capture as much of it as I can. Yes, much happened before, and much happened after the first time I was at the Mount in 2011..Also, the path I take to get there runs alongside the river : ) I’ve written volumes on that place here, but still it inspires me.

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