The 19th Draft: Before And After Rose

For the longest time, I felt as though there was something I was missing or was missing in me, something, I was looking for in every eye, every guy, every word, as if, this person really, would be the one I’m seeking and the hollowness inside would disappear.  Geesh, should have known it was a […]


a Hoya from Rumi

years ago now, Mom’s bestfriend gave me a Hoya from the one that hung in Grandma’s kitchen and at the base of the pot she wrote a Rumi quote however, Hoyas and I don’t see eye to eye and i killed it long ago other things have resided until last year and it was left […]


cycling on a sunny day

so i have this way i go along the river riding noble rose down pathways, i cruise with my sunglasses on and my hair in a bun faster and faster i go, as i’ve caught a breeze that won’t let me go.