spiral poems

lost freedoms to an eternity

truth that illuminatesus, them, every onetowards a destinyour fatenot defending democracywe speak not politicallycorrectlyfractured resting on those laurels of the pastwith a fear of what will berefusing to seeclarity through the liesand all that they despiselost freedom to an eternity


moonlight and mom

a breeze blows through me as the temperature drops nights no longer spent drenched in sweat, summer as it turns to fall away cool breezes blow through open windows, through rooms, locked inside from hot days and nights tumbleweeds of golden Irish hair from gawd knows where, bumping into Rose’s old rubber while rising, good […]



are we just etching these divisions into those glass houses sketching fables while shadow puppets on the wall play tricks with perception submitted for the weekly photo challenge | shadow