An Iconic Beauty

It stands at the heart of this village within a city, with its high Victorian style and lofty spires reaching towards the sky, it cuts a grand presence. Built in 1899, locals refer to it as ‘The Normal School‘, as it was part of a movement at that time to ‘normalize’ the curriculum, and therefore a fleet of teachers was required. Basically, it’s one of … Continue reading An Iconic Beauty

Que Sera Sera, And How I Found Freeman Park

Ok, fine, I admit it, I went out and re-rigged the ribbon contraption thingy I devised, grabbed the little tree again and bent it over and wrapped the ribbon around, and hooked it up with the lanyard I’d tied to the other end. Took the [email protected] all of 24 hours and there the birdfeeder lay, bottom part of the feeder completely off, in a heap … Continue reading Que Sera Sera, And How I Found Freeman Park

Tree Rats And Other Nonsense

Watching the Cardinals enjoy the sunflower seed from the feeder outside my window is one of those simple pleasures. Their morning song awakens the dawn and throughout the day they are joined by sparrows, Nuthatches and that annoying squirrel balancing in mid-air on one leg, attached to this small 1-inch diameter Maple sapling, and so I went out a half hour ago and chopped ‘er … Continue reading Tree Rats And Other Nonsense