The Bannister

It is the most defining element, I think, of this house. I have many memories of that bannister. Of coming down those stairs in my prom dress (I went stag with 3 other girls who went stag) – and not because we had to, but we chose to. Defining moment in my life. I was telling those old girlfriends of mine who’d turned their back … Continue reading The Bannister

More Thoughts from the Front Porch

I’ve always been a life-long learner, off on some tangent, seeking knowledge. Whether it be Geometry, Philosophy, Ancient Cultures or Psychology, I seek out bits and pieces in fits and starts; I’ve been on this quest for almost twenty-five years now. It began in my early twenties, and continues to this day. This quest is not just for the sheer pleasure it gives me though, … Continue reading More Thoughts from the Front Porch

Goober & I

As I’ve mentioned, or maybe not, our family has always had dogs. One of my favourites, maybe THE fav, was Goober. He was a Weimaraner. Not a champion example of the breed; he was a bit too gangly, bit too sway in the back, ears too big, just not top in his breed. But to me Goober was beautiful. He was a graceful, elegant soul. … Continue reading Goober & I