Endings, Choices, And What Happens After

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein Endings, beginnings, death and life, these cyclic events define so much, show so much, expose so much, and are rife with emotions. Let’s start with the endings. The first ending felt like abandonment, and took me, all of us […]


A Blessed Bench Of Boredom

Some days I sit here, after scrolling through the multitude of things that flash by and find myself drifting off and staring at this framed print I’ve had for years. Noticing the details of the flowers, the way that one flower in the lower right-hand corner looks like it’s dancing. How the artist used the […]


mythologising, and then she said

this morning, up before the dawn hunting the snark, the lies of lousy leaders and lascivious letches, you know, the usual suspects, lost and found, i had discovered, pillars to live by: belong, have a purpose, transcend, and tell tales, she said. so after a nap, and a peek at more trolls, then a visit […]