Weekly Writing Challenge | Student, Teacher

from The Red Duo-Tang ~Friday June 27th, 1975: *Really enjoyed the trip to Midland, she was really good. L (lil sis) bothered her a lot. Very interested in Huron Village. Enjoyed staying in the Motel. – got a lot out of Nancy Island. Asked a lot of questions. *Little nervous at the Scenic Caves. Can’t say as I blame her…I was too. Got a beaded … Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge | Student, Teacher

Hockey Arena

Growing Up With A Stick In Her Hand

Hockey in Canada is BIG (case ya didn’t know). This week THE HOMESTEAD was all abuzz as my oldest niece on Sunday won Gold at the Women’s Hockey Association Provincials’. Dang, it’s for me beyond words and I’m so incredibly proud. With stick in hand, this young girl defends the line for her team. Watchful, patient and determined, she is a true team player. For … Continue reading Growing Up With A Stick In Her Hand

One by One: a year later

A year ago today, I wrote this – One by One [published: Oct. 31, 2012] I had been blogging 5 days. It was just me and Irish, alone at the Lake, in our little cottage. I was experiencing a profound grief. Tim’s death had been so much different than hers. So many different emotions, experiences, thoughts, and the circumstances. The grief was even different. Tim … Continue reading One by One: a year later

A woman on her own

You see, any talent I have I owe to her. Not just genetically, but by her encouragement and her passion that I pursue what she was unable to. It was her that insisted I go to BealArt rather than go back for Grade 13 and maybe University. She saw in me a talent she said. Even from the time I first held a pencil in my chubby little baby hands, she said I held it the proper way; never just grabbed on like you would a club or a bat. Continue reading A woman on her own