Tariffs And Toady’s

First, let’s chew on this – right now, about 42-45% of American’s support the rumptus. Yet, the more amazing number is that 90% of the GOP support him. Why? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Given his total experience with politics is as an opinionated armchair commentator, his naiveté, his rich man with […]


Of The Feast Before The Fall

In days of yore, back in time, way back, bronze age, stone age, back 10,000 years and more, before the last Ice Age began to recede, and water levels rose, washing away whole swathes of land, following cattle, or seeking a better life, wanting more for themselves, humanity has been on the move, really, since […]


Truth Is Hard, Lies Are Easy

He does it, you know, because he can, and I know for what I speak. Living with Tim those 4 years, it did take a bit to catch on to his fictions, and, in the end, his lies proved powerless, of no value, as he lay dying of cancer. Never would have wished it on […]