The Sunshine called my name…

Inside the light changes and it slides into my cottage world and calls to me. Outside it is fresh & clear. So camera dangling from my neck, furry, rambunctious canine on the end of the leash we embark on adventure. There are beautifully muted colours in fall; lovely linen coloured grass’, dark grapey seed heads against the blue sky. It’s at this time of year … Continue reading The Sunshine called my name…

Thameswood Lodge (part 2) ~ The Hero’s Journey

The looming beast of the ‘Old Vic’ had been conquered and so the next spiral in the journey was at hand [see Thameswood – Part One]. Like with all journey’s, there is that element of the Hero’s Journey[Wikipedia] afoot in the narrative. Perhaps the guiding archetype of all life altering Journey’s resembles that of the Hero’s Journey. So now I guess you could say I … Continue reading Thameswood Lodge (part 2) ~ The Hero’s Journey

Daily Prompt: Revisionist History

I’m not one for “revising”. I mean, seems like a wasteful endeavor, certainly something my Grandmother would have disapproved of. I have definitely said and done various things I have later regretted. Fighting with Grandma the night before she died was certainly in that category. I was 17 though and I forgave myself long ago. That ate me up for a while. I learned from … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Revisionist History

5 things you didn’t know about me … but now you do (well… i guess only if you read this)

I LOVE the ham & cheese submarine sandwiches they sell in gas stations. I love the taste of the gooey processed fake cheese. I adore the questionable fake ham. The smell as I’m heating it up in the microwave…those 2 minutes are torture. I love how it melts out everywhere and if you don’t eat ALL the cheese it will be too hard and cardboardy … Continue reading 5 things you didn’t know about me … but now you do (well… i guess only if you read this)

Garden Design: Wilding & Whimsy

In June when my sisters family was down I received a high compliment to my efforts. My nieces loved the front garden. When they weren’t either swimming or fishing (which they were 75% of the time), you would find them quietly poking around out front. Lots to see out front too. The collection of plants out front are shade tolarant, woodland natives and non-native perennials,  … Continue reading Garden Design: Wilding & Whimsy

My Favourite Canadians: Tom Thomson

Writing about Thomson in 1914, the younger artist David Milne observed: “Varley and Lismer pines are pretty conventional pines, well done but quite familiar … you admire their proficiency, that’s all. But with Thomson’s trees, it’s different. You can’t be indifferent. These few patches with knotted strings are powerful; there was strong emotion behind their making and they stir the same now.” Milne notes, too, … Continue reading My Favourite Canadians: Tom Thomson