Out And About, eh?

This weeks Weekly Writing Challenge asks to showcase your slang. It can be a display of regional pride, a contemplation on new words you’ve heard, but still don’t quite understand, or a practice in dialogue that mimics our regular speaking patterns. As an American who grew up in Canada, I know some slang. Often growing […]


Blog-hoping as labyrinth

“I am in awe of the beautifully sincere and profoundly moving creative souls there are on our spinning ball. As I blog-hop along” I wrote that November 3, 2012 – I had been blogging one week. Just re-read this old post, and had to share. This is another reason why I blog, to remind myself […]


A Gnarl of Beauty

Wabi-sabi It finds beauty and harmony in what is simple, imperfect, modest, natural, and mysterious. [Rarasaur’s Prompt for the Promptless | Wabi-sabi] Whilst out hunting the lark, Tim and I happened upon such a thing of imperfect beauty. A gnarl. A lovely log, thrown off to the side with the other rejects. A gnarl is […]