Does Trump Want To Be Impeached For the Production Value?

If you’ve ever been used, then you are familiar with that feeling, that sense of something off. Some of us have ignored it, unfortunately. Others have utilized that gut feeling to their advantage, sidestepping being duped. I’ve had the experience of both, and while I can not, will not say I am infallible, I have honed that muscle. Well, lately I’ve had that same feeling, … Continue reading Does Trump Want To Be Impeached For the Production Value?

Pansy-Bum And The Enablers

Ok, so over the weekend hell broke loose and found fertile ground within that house of white down yonder. All weekend, scandal after scandal after scandal, getting kind of difficult to keep track, actually. Safe to say, the next several months shall be rather fascinating as we watch the Trump cronies and MAGAs spout new left-wing deep state conspiracy theories. Perhaps more Kellyanne on the … Continue reading Pansy-Bum And The Enablers

‘We hold these truths to be self-evident’, they wrote

A girlfriend and I last week were outside in the garden chatting, stories from the past summer, plans for the fall, catching up. I mentioned to her how when an old friend was visiting I had been stumped as to where to take her for some historical adventures. London is rather lacking in this history stuff – unlike our namesake over the pond – as … Continue reading ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident’, they wrote

The Normalization Of Cruelty And Corruption

Beginning to wonder if perhaps the GOP strategy is to undermine the very foundations of 243 years of American democracy their own way. Perhaps, you know, just do the work of the extremist Islamic terrorist, undermine democracy themselves, just to keep Muslim’s out of the equation? Maybe they like the concept, but they’re racist so prefer to have whites doing the dirty work of undermining … Continue reading The Normalization Of Cruelty And Corruption

Just Another Day At The Sh!t-Show

Most presidents have had a hand-picked team of advisors, different people with different life experiences, varied ideas, a library of knowledge considered the cornerstone, a group that most presidents have valued and chosen to draw wisdom from. Of course, there is no place at the 45ths table for anything that may fashion itself as ‘wisdom’. No chair reserved for a point of view at odds … Continue reading Just Another Day At The Sh!t-Show

are they u s

for the cacophony a travesty of winning delusional greatness to distractfrom their molotov cocktailscatastrophe entangling them u s you in his derived lies he tells them to u s too we you pawned for putins puppet just to prop uphis profit are we u s you laughing at them as they at u s in this perverse universe led down Pennsylvania Avenue by a broke … Continue reading are they u s