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Dec 19 2010 – Then & Now

This posting below begins the “medical” part of our journey. Maybe by writing this all down, ​I can help someone. Who knows. I guess the only way for that to happen is if I put it out there. Eh? One NOTE – I will occasionally make comments – these will appear in ” {  } […]


October 2010 ~ going home & back again

[Oct 19, 2010]       Beginning again I guess. Very appropriate I’m starting up in this journal. Lots happened since I started this. Irish Lake is a long way away from Catherine St. It’s hard to do this starting over thingy. I can’t believe I’m here. There have been so many tears the last couple weeks. Too […]


2001 ~ Later that same year

[late 2001]  My Mom when I was little had a duo-tang she would write in. It had a red cover, the pages were yellowed. In it she wrote down all the things I did as I was growing up. The steps I took, the first birthday and the gifts I received as well as who gave […]